Alabama AOC Human Resources

image The Human Resources Division of the Administrative Office of Courts provides a full range of human resources services to the judicial branch of government and the general public. Direct support is provided to approximately 1876 Unified Judicial System officials and employees.  As of December 2021, these officials and employees include; 132 Appellate Judges and Employees (to include 2 Alabama Sentencing Commission employees), 1664 Trial Court Officials and Employees (appx. 218 are County funded employees), and 80 Administrative Office of Courts Staff (including 1 Temporary employees).

image The personnel operations section of this division processes all personnel actions. In Fiscal Year 2021, more than 2772 separate actions were processed manually, including appointments, separations, LWOP, 3/6 month probationary paperwork, longevity bonuses, preparing and distributing salary adjustment invoices, as well as other miscellaneous actions. The ops section maintains all employee personnel records and position control for the judicial branch of government, using an automated information system and periodic reports. This section also audits all UJS payrolls and certifies state service for the annual longevity bonus and conducts background checks and E-verify for applicants for the pre-employment screening process.

image The payroll section of the Human Resources Division provides or processes services such as: daily data entry, timesheets, one-time pay, supplemental pay, circuit clerks’ restitution, reimbursement checks, Title IV-D payments, duplicate/cancelled warrants, county supplement, FICA cut offs, W-2 and eMap service requests through the year, JPO fund updates, insurance, reimbursement for separated, terminated, retired employees, longevity bonuses, deferred compensation (e.g., Great-West, RSA-1, United Way) funding source/organization code changes, unemployment compensation, insurance billing, direct deposits, employment verifications, retirement contributions, and miscellaneous deduction.

image The Human Resources Division is responsible for monitoring a leave program (Human Resources Desktop) for approximately 1397 leave-earning UJS employees. Because leave represents a potential debt of the UJS, the Human Resources Division audits leave accounts annually. In Fiscal Year 2021, the Unified Judicial System’s total leave liability exceeded $863,334.60  and separation costs exceeded $936,757.00.

image For Fiscal Year 2021, approximately 330  applicants took the written court specialist examinations that were given in the State of Alabama. In addition to maintaining the open and promotional court specialist registers, the division issued numerous special job announcements for positions at the AOC, the trial courts, the appellate courts, and the State Law Library. Approximately 425 total applications were received from these announcements.

image As of December 2021, there were 467 minorities employed in the UJS. This included 70 elected officials. Minorities comprised 27.20 percent of the total Unified Judicial System work force. The Human Resources Director is also the EEOC Officer for the UJS.